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Notice to hikers!
Discover our summer trail guide, essential for organising your walking week in La Rosière!

This practical guide presents all the existing trails in La Rosière in summer, classified by level of difficulty using the following colour code:
- Green = easy paths, generally flat and fairly short in distance
- Blue = paths of intermediate difficulty, with a difference in altitude of less than 500m.
- Red = paths for experienced walkers, on average quite steep and with significant high difference and walking time. Some of the red trails may have dizzy sections.

For more information, don't hesitate to ask for advice at the tourist office or at the guides office in La Rosière.
Before each outing, check the weather forecast for the day. There is no point in going far away if thunderstorms are forecast.
Finally, until mid-July, it is essential to check before you leave that the high altitude paths are accessible, as some may be impassable due to persistent patches of snow.

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