Sales Conditions

Our sales conditions are according to the terms of article n°94-490 of the 15th June 1994 and of the law n° 92-645 of the 13th July 1992.




LA ROSIERE RESERVATION will send you an option contract detailing the different apartments, the price of the holiday as well as the date on which the option expires.
Please verify that the description of the apartments reserved correspond to those required and confirm your reservation with LA ROSIERE RESERVATION before the option expires, by returning a signed copy of the contract along with a deposit of 25% of the total sum of the holiday.
If no deposit is received before the option expires, then the option will automatically be cancelled. 
For late bookings (less than 30 days before arrival) the signed contract must be returned along with full payment for the holiday.
For late bookings (less than 7 days before arrival), only payment by credit card will be accepted.


The outstanding amount is due 30 days before arrival.  After receiving full payment for the holiday, LA ROSIERE RESERVATION will send the final booking details.  If payment is not received within the correct deadline, LA ROSIERE RESERVATION has the right to consider that the reservation has been cancelled by the client. 


Once the final payment has been received, LA ROSIERE RESERVATION will send you a voucher which must be presented on arrival to the accommodation provider.  For ski passes booked through us you will receive a voucher, which must also be presented to the ski pass office on arrival.


Unless agreed by accommodation manager.  The hours of arrival and departure are indicated on the final booking details.


The holiday tax for your booking must be settled when you pay the final amount of your reservation.  The amount will be detailed in the contract that you receive once you make the reservation.


For accommodation rentals, a damages deposit will be required on key collection (sum indicated in the contract).  If there is no damages deposit provided, the accommodation provider may not let you enter the accommodation.  The deposit will be returned no later than 8 days after your departure.  This is after any after extra services have been paid and after the deduction of any monies charged for damages caused.


The client is required:
  • to respectfully occupy the property
  • to not exceed the maximum occupancy of the property
  • to respect the buildings internal rules and regulation
  • to respect the tranquility and privacy of the other clients
  • to occupy the property personally and in no circumstances sub-let or change the name of the client, even at no cost, without the consent of the LA ROSIERE RESERVATION. 
  • to inform LA ROSIERE RESERVATION if they wish to bring a domestic pet.
  • to allow access to the apartment, in the case of any urgent repairs, without claiming a refund or reduction for the stay.
  • to take all reasonable and proper care of the property and its furniture and leave them in the same state of repair, condition, cleanliness and tidiness as at the start of the rental period.
  • to inform LA ROSIERE RESERVATION of any damage, breakage or  issues involving the services such as electricity or water in or around the property promptly



We strongly advise all clients to purchase cancellation insurance. This is available at the same time as reserving your accommodation.
The insurance policy is provided by MAPFRE (policy no. 7904961.636) the guarantees included are:
  • Accidental damage (objects and civil liability)
  • Cancellation
  • Interruption of holiday or unexpected late arrival.  See paragraph “insurance renting-cancellation.” 


If the client doesn’t want to purchase our policy, they are still obliged to take out holiday insurance.  This is to cover for accidental damages, theft, fire, water damage.  If the client hasn’t taken out a policy, they must then take responsibility for any problems that arise during their holiday.


We have the right to consider any modifications to a holiday as a cancellation, unless it is possible to satisfy the modifications.  If the holiday is interrupted or unexpected arrival occurs, the client will not receive any repayments unless they have bought a cancellation insurance which covers the client’s particular case.


The summary of the insurance policy n° 7904961.636 provided by MAPRE is explained below.


Advisors and Brokers for Insurance – 11, place du Marché Couvert, B.P 4, 91222 Brétigny-sur-Orge cedex. Telephone:  00.33 (0)     Fax:  00.33 (0)
R.C Evry A 312 509 425   Siret 312 509 425 00079 - Code APE 6622 Z – ORIAS n°07000012 –  Financially guaranteed and covered for Civil Liability Professional conforming to articles L. 530.1 and L. 530.2 of Insurance codes.
The present contract is with the subscriber
EPIC Office de Tourisme de La Rosière
La Rosière 1850, 73700 La Rosière Montvalezan
Telephone: 06 83.92   Fax:
The policy guarantees
Definition:  The insured is the owner of the contract, his or her spouse or concubine, their relatives in the ascending or descending lines, sons in law, daughters in law, brothers, sisters or persons mentioned or designated.
1 - Coverage
Property damage as a result of fire, explosion or water damage, within a limit of 15 245 €
2 - Glass coverage
Within a limit of 2 287€ including 137€ for temporary closure/ repair costs (maximum excess of 46€ per claim).
3 - Other damages to property rented belonging to the owner
Within a limit of 2 287€ for all damages that occur during the stay period (maximum excess of 46€ per claim).
4 - Civil Liability
Within a limit of 1 524 490€ for every liability of the renter to the owner. 
Within a limit of 457 347€ for neighbour and third party claims.


Refund of amounts paid for the price of the stay after deducting the insurance premium, including the related rental services, which the Insured should pay in the event of cancellation as a result of the following events (The guarantee applies between the official dates of the season):
1 – The insured’s serious illness, serious accident or death, serious illness or accident is to be understood as any change of health or any bodily injury preventing the Insured from leaving the home or hospital where the Insured is being treated on the date of departure as proven by a absence from work certificate or doctor’s certificate indicating the above – mentioned prevention or preventing the practice of the main activity of the stay.
Relapses or previous sickness or injuries are covered provided the sickness or accident did not arise in the MONTH preceding the reservation date.
Regarding Sickness/ Accident events involving the Cancellation coverage, the Insured shall give access to his medical records to the Company’s doctor, failing which no guarantee will be effective.
2 - Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or natural event resulting in significant damages at the Insured’s home and occurring prior to his departure or during the stay and requiring his presence on the site of the event or at his second home or company.
3 - Prevention from taking possession of the rented property as a result of the dismissal from their employment, transfer of work place, a divorce, a legally registered separation of the Insured or their spouse/ partner, provided the date of the event is after the date when the reservation was made.  EXCLUSION: Dismissal for serious misconduct.
4 - Prevention from reaching the resort by road, railroad or plane on the date of the beginning of the stay and within the following 48 hours: as a result of roadblocks, strikes, floods or natural events preventing traffic, certified, by the relevant authority, Insured’s car accident, theft or attempted theft of the Insured’s vehicle within 15 days before the stay start date.
5 - As a result of changes to the Insured’s holiday dates by the Insured’s employer.
6 - Insufficient snow or excess snow levels: This guarantee is only considered valid if the approved organisation produce a weather report for the resort concerned, stating the above snow conditions.  Should the resort not have a weather report of their own, the resort closest to them will be used.
7 – Notification or summons to attend a business administration meeting, a medical examination or medical appraisal.
8 – An offer of employment made to the Insured or their spouse/ partner, after the date when the reservation was made, with the condition that the post is a full time contract and that the Insured is a registered job seeker.
9 – Death, illness or serious accident regarding the persons replacing the Insured in a professional capacity (independent, freelance, medical or paramedical) or guardian /carer for young children or handicapped persons within the Insured and his spouse/partners care, after the date when the reservation was made, except where the contract was agreed before the date that the reservation was made.
It can be possible that there are insufficient snow levels in the winter sports resorts. The guarantee works if 48 hours before or after the holiday dates anticipated 2/3 of the ski runs and/or the chairlifts in the resort are closed due to the approved weather report.
The refund of the stay price shall be calculated in proportion of the time unused as a result of the interruption, resulting from any of the events listed in the Cancellation coverage- & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
It is agreed that the coverage shall not be effective in any of the situations specified below:
  • Sickness or accident that the Insured is aware of upon reserving, resulting in treatment during the month before the rental reservation date.
  • Pregnancy, except for any complications miscarriage, birth and consequences, within one month before the effective reservation date.
  • For thermal treatment, need for aesthetic treatment (except as a result of an unknown accident or sickness), psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdown.
  • Sickness or accident due to alcoholism, drunkenness, use of none medically prescribed medicines, drugs, narcotics.
  • Accident caused by the practice of sport: flying, bobsleigh, skeleton, mountain climbing, ice hockey, car sports, scuba-diving.


Modification by the client

Any confirmed dossier changes must be notified in writing.
The only modifications accepted are those marked on the contract sent you by LA ROSIERE RESERVATION.  (No corrections made directly by the client on LA ROSIERE RESERVATION documents will be taken into account).
The modifications do not, in any circumstance, change the payment conditions for the balance.  All changes to the holiday date or to the accommodation originally booked by the client constitutes as a cancellation of the initial booking (along with the charges that this implies) and the booking of a new order.

Cancellation by the client

All full cancellation of a confirmed file must be notified to LA ROSIERE RESERVATION by registered letter or by fax, the date of receipt counting as the cancellation date.
In case of cancellation, the client will receive reimbursements in the following conditions:
(The policy doesn’t apply to people who haven’t purchased the cancellation insurance).
Number of days between reception of cancellation letter and arrival date of holiday. Proportion of total balance non-refundable.
More than 30 days (deposit paid)……………
Less than 30 days (deposit paid)……………
Less than 7 days (balance paid)……………
75 %


In case of any dispute, only the Tribunal de Grande Instance d’Albertville (Magistrates court) is competent to judge the affair. (73200).
The English version is non contractual.  It is solely translated to help non-French speaking clients.