Cancellation Insurance


Refund of amounts paid for the price of the stay after deducting the insurance premium, including the related rental services, which the Insured should pay in the event of cancellation as a result of the following events (The guarantee applies between the official dates of the season):
1 – The insured’s serious illness, serious accident or death, serious illness or accident is to be understood as any change of health or any bodily injury preventing the Insured from leaving the home or hospital where the Insured is being treated on the date of departure as proven by a absence from work certificate or doctor’s certificate indicating the above – mentioned prevention or preventing the practice of the main activity of the stay.
Relapses or previous sickness or injuries are covered provided the sickness or accident did not arise in the MONTH preceding the reservation date.
Regarding Sickness/ Accident events involving the Cancellation coverage, the Insured shall give access to his medical records to the Company’s doctor, failing which no guarantee will be effective.
2 - Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or natural event resulting in significant damages at the Insured’s home and occurring prior to his departure or during the stay and requiring his presence on the site of the event or at his second home or company.
3 - Prevention from taking possession of the rented property as a result of the dismissal from their employment, transfer of work place, a divorce, a legally registered separation of the Insured or their spouse/ partner, provided the date of the event is after the date when the reservation was made.  EXCLUSION: Dismissal for serious misconduct.
4 - Prevention from reaching the resort by road, railroad or plane on the date of the beginning of the stay and within the following 48 hours: as a result of roadblocks, strikes, floods or natural events preventing traffic, certified, by the relevant authority, Insured’s car accident, theft or attempted theft of the Insured’s vehicle within 15 days before the stay start date.
5 - As a result of changes to the Insured’s holiday dates by the Insured’s employer.
6 - Insufficient snow or excess snow levels: This guarantee is only considered valid if the approved organisation produce a weather report for the resort concerned, stating the above snow conditions.  Should the resort not have a weather report of their own, the resort closest to them will be used.
7 – Notification or summons to attend a business administration meeting, a medical examination or medical appraisal.
8 – An offer of employment made to the Insured or their spouse/ partner, after the date when the reservation was made, with the condition that the post is a full time contract and that the Insured is a registered job seeker.
9 – Death, illness or serious accident regarding the persons replacing the Insured in a professional capacity (independent, freelance, medical or paramedical) or guardian /carer for young children or handicapped persons within the Insured and his spouse/partners care, after the date when the reservation was made, except where the contract was agreed before the date that the reservation was made.
It can be possible that there are insufficient snow levels in the winter sports resorts. The guarantee works if 48 hours before or after the holiday dates anticipated 2/3 of the ski runs and/or the chairlifts in the resort are closed due to the approved weather report.
The refund of the stay price shall be calculated in proportion of the time unused as a result of the interruption, resulting from any of the events listed in the Cancellation coverage- & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
It is agreed that the coverage shall not be effective in any of the situations specified below:
  • Sickness or accident that the Insured is aware of upon reserving, resulting in treatment during the month before the rental reservation date.
  • Pregnancy, except for any complications miscarriage, birth and consequences, within one month before the effective reservation date.
  • For thermal treatment, need for aesthetic treatment (except as a result of an unknown accident or sickness), psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdown.
  • Sickness or accident due to alcoholism, drunkenness, use of none medically prescribed medicines, drugs, narcotics.
  • Accident caused by the practice of sport: flying, bobsleigh, skeleton, mountain climbing, ice hockey, car sports, scuba-diving.



Modification by the client:

Any confirmed dossier changes must be notified in writing.
The only modifications accepted are those marked on the contract sent you by LA ROSIERE RESERVATION.  (No corrections made directly by the client on LA ROSIERE RESERVATION documents will be taken into account).
The modifications do not, in any circumstance, change the payment conditions for the balance.  All changes to the holiday date or to the accommodation originally booked by the client constitutes as a cancellation of the initial booking (along with the charges that this implies) and the booking of a new order.

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