Frequently Asked Questions

If I go for a package, does everyone need to get a lift pass ? 

No. That’s what’s good about our packages: you can choose the number of lift passes that the group requires. This means you can save between 10 and 30% on lift passes, depending on the dates. The downside is that we only offer 6-day Espace San Bernardo lift passes. 

Can I add extra services to my booking before I arrive? 

You can add extra services and activities to your basket up until 1 week before you arrive in resort, to give us enough time to make arrangements with our service providers and ensure a top-quality service. 

Can I add extra services to my booking? 

Yes. When you book your accommodation, you can also book a range of optional services for your stay: lift passes, group lessons, equipment hire, linen hire, baby equipment hire, catering (3, 4, 6 or 7 meals). 

Can I book activities and services on their own? 

No, you can only book these activities and services through us when you reserve an accommodation package. 

Why book extra services and activities with my accommodation package? 

It allows you to:

  • Plan your holiday before you arrive 
  • Avoid any disappointment when you arrive in resort (if the activities or services are booked up) 
  • Save time by booking everything on one website 
  • Benefit from our special Booking Office discounts 
  • Manage your holiday budget 

I’ve already booked my accommodation, but I want to change it… 

We treat any request to change a booking as a cancellation, unless we are able to accommodate the changes requested. Any stays that have been cut short or postponed will only be refunded if the client has taken out “Rental – Cancellation” insurance, and if their insurance policy covers this. 

How do I collect the keys and where do I return them? 

Details regarding key collection is given in your contract, which the booking office will send out to you. It provides details of who is in charge of giving out the keys and where to find them. 

Is there any point in taking out cancellation insurance?

Cancellation insurance means you can obtain a refund of any balance paid, providing you present the insurance company with the documents requested, as well as insuring you against any rental risks.

Nevertheless, if clients do not wish to take out “Rental – Cancellation” insurance, they must still be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, and water damage. If they are not insured, the client is deemed personally responsible and must answer any legal action brought against them. 

If you pay by bank card, please contact your bank to find out what “rental-cancellation” insurance cover they provide. 

Is the online payment secure?

Yes. Our  PAYBOX 3D Secure online payment system is PCI-DSS approved and adheres to all applicable standards set by professional organisations such as GIE bank cards (bank cards, e-banking cards), Maestro, Visa, MasterCard.

How do I get my password?

Visit our website (“My Booking” page) and ask our server for your password by clicking on “Forgotten password”.

If you have changed your email address and we do not have your new address in our database, please contact our booking office staff on + 33(0)4 79 06 83 92 to recover your account information.

When will my payment be processed? Can I pay at a later date?

If you pay by bank card, your account will automatically be debited within 48 hours. If you pay by cheque, the money will go out when the treasury cashes your cheque. 

Our booking is made up of several groups, can each group pay separately

Yes, please contact our booking office staff for more information. 

I’ve paid my balance but I want to cancel a service. What do I do? 

Please contact our booking office staff on + 33(0)4 79 06 83 92. Please note that some service providers may charge a cancellation fee.