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Information about our cancellation conditions 

As a general rule:

You can cancel your booking at any time before the start of your holiday. In this case, the applicable cancellation fees are those defined in our terms and conditions of sale, which are attached to your booking contract. Our  terms and conditions of sale are also published on our website: 

In extraordinary circumstances:

You have the right to cancel your booking without charge (except administrative costs) in the event that unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances occur at the place of destination or its immediate vicinity and significantly affect the performance of the package, or which significantly affect the carriage of passengers to the destination. 

For example, in winter 2020, the resort’s closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic was an extraordinary circumstance. 

For winter 2020-21, we have decided to offer one-off free cancellation, the conditions of which are shown below:
Clients may cancel their holiday free of charge* in the event that:

  • The borders of the client’s home country and/or France are closed. 
  • A lockdown or quarantine is imposed in the client’s city or country of origin or in France.
  • The resort of La Rosière or certain accommodation is closed for health reasons. 
  • The client contracts COVID-19 or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19 (suspected case). 

The holiday must be cancelled when these measures are already in force. 
*minus €12 administration fees and holiday cancellation insurance (€32), which can be taken out when you book your holiday through us and which covers you for the following: accident, redundancy, holiday curtailment, damage to property, etc. 

Substantiating documents:

  • Excerpt from the official documents or website published by the prefecture or by the client’s home country showing the reasons for their lockdown, travel restriction or quarantine.  
  • A positive test result issued within the previous week or a medical certificate, in the case of a suspected contamination.  
  • This offer applies to all accommodation and services identified with this logo. 


Additionnal information

To easily learn about barrier gestures before, during and after your stay, we offer you this infographic published by France Montagnes on September 11, 2020