The winter season's most amazing offer!

Available only during certain periods outside of the school holidays, it is the perfect choice to take advantage of the Espace San Bernardo at the best price, because we have negotiated special rates for you.
Couples and groups of junior or senior friends will be delighted by this very advantageous TUTTO BENE offer which will leave them with the budget to afford other pleasures.

From € 279 per person instead of €371.50 :
Calculation based on a 4-person studio, occupied by 4 adults + a 6-day San Bernardo adult ski pass

Tutto Bene is an Italian expression, which means "everything is alright".

Validity dates

From 06/01 to 20/01/2024 | From 16/03 to 30/03/2024

To know

This offer includes:

  • 7-day accommodation in a self-catered apartment.
  • 6-day Espace San Bernardo skipass without insurance

Optional activities and services available with this offer:

  • 6-day ski or snowboard equipment rental
    • Pack ski or snowboard adult: €77
    • Pack ski or snowboard child: €40